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SRS-WIN President

Angela Martin

Greetings, SRS WINners! I am thrilled to be afforded this amazing opportunity to serve an organization with such a dynamic group of professionals! As your new SRS-WIN President, my approach to moving this chapter to higher heights is through collaboration, inclusion, and innovative ideas. I believe SRS-WIN is truly one of the best-kept secrets at Savannah River Site, and we will work to leverage the multitude of talent that we have at our disposal to maintain a strong presence. What makes SRS-WIN so special is that the organization is far-reaching, in that our impact expands across the globe with regional, national, and international ties. As nuclear workers, we understand the complexity of the industry, which often makes it misunderstood. Therefore, we will continue to be nuclear advocates and highlight our collective contributions to this industry through SRS-WIN. In the upcoming year, remain on the lookout for more impactful professional development programs, rewarding public outreach initiatives, amazing networking events, and an overall great experience as we expand our footprint across the Site and our local communities. As always, we invite you to become a part of our WINning team. We are always looking for women (and men) who can positively contribute to the mission of WIN.

-Warmest Regards, Angela P. Martin. SRS-WIN President

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