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VIP Membership

Become a VIP Member and help SRS-WIN complete our missions of networking, professional development, and public outreach. This membership is valid July 1, 2023- June 30, 2024. The yearly membership fee is $35.​


Take advantage of our VIP member benefits which includes:

  • $5 off our Annual Fundraiser Dinner (Spring 2024)

  • Exclusive Speed Mentoring Event

  • Exclusive Networking Event (newly added)

  • Special Welcome Gift

  • Special VIP raffle at Annual Holiday Party

  • Priority Registration at Events

  • Preferred Seating at Events

  • Name displayed on VIP member section on SRS-WIN webpage


Current VIP Members

Rosalind Blocker

Nakeya Brown

Sharese Addison

Tamera Baldwin 

Ruthie Garcia

Perjetta Hightower

Jennifer Burgess

Deanna Walker

Jesus Mancilla

Dorene Chavous

Alandria Johnson

Andre Wolfe

Jocelyn Jones

Deirdre Jones

Kristy Bunyard

Jennifer Darby

Carolyn Thorpe

Sheryl Chappell

Rana O'Bryant

Lisa Gleaton

Lorena Hightower

A'Dashia Dunbar

Alisa Perry

Ekaterina Lyamtseva

DeAnna Barker

Cynthia Keller

Candice Gordon

Anitra McManus

Zanette Harris 

Janice Selby-Bentley

Lawanda English

Faith Herrin

Regina Floyd

Joy Epps

Courtney Wilson

Shanissa McKie

Lisa Coleman

Ingrid Sykes

Shayla Walden

Kristan Lott

Shawn Foreman

Ruby Parks

Ebony Kerlin

Jasmine Allen

VIP Members Upcoming Events

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