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SRS WIN President Named Finalist for Region II Leadership Award

Savannah River Site Women in Nuclear (SRS-WIN) President Kela Lofton, has been named one of three finalists for the U.S. Women in Nuclear Region II Leadership Award

The Leadership Award recognizes U.S. WIN members who have made significant contributions and demonstrated leadership in its three core values: supporting an environment in nuclear energy and nuclear technologies in which both women and men are able to succeed; providing a network through which women in these fields can further their professional development; and providing an organized association through which the public is informed about nuclear energy and nuclear technologies.

Lofton, who has served as the SRS-WIN chapter President for the past two years, has been the driving force of the chapter’s growth and maturity.

As President, Lofton organized and promoted a fundraiser dinner featuring National Nuclear Security Administration SRS Manager Nicole Nelson-Jean as the keynote speaker. This successful event provided the organization’s operational funds for the next year, gained organizational visibility, and allowed attendees to learn about being a successful, high-ranking woman in the nuclear field.

Lofton is the first SRS-WIN President to secure corporate donations for the organization’s goals and missions. She has taken the initiative in establishing a steering committee of senior leaders of SRS contractors including Savannah River Nuclear Solutions (SRNS), Savannah River Remediation and DOE which provides oversight and feedback to the organization.

Under Lofton’s leadership, the organization’s supervisory board has grown, allowing more committees to flourish in their respected areas.

In the nomination letter, Lofton is described as goal-oriented.

“She makes it obvious in her decisions and actions that she cares deeply about seeing SRS-WIN succeed,” reads the nomination letter. “With her guidance, we are a self-sufficient organization that can truly concentrate on promoting our core values.”

Lofton will attend the Region II Conference in April 2019, where she and the other finalists will be recognized for their leadership. One finalist will receive the award.

Lofton, L- Area facility manager at SRS, is the second chapter member to receive a nomination for this award, following Public Outreach Chair Shanteka Glover, who was awarded the honor in 2018.

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