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SRS Women in Nuclear Organization Boosts Outreach, Visibility

Updated: Feb 25, 2018

The Women in Nuclear (WIN) organization’s chapter at the Savannah River Site (SRS) is fostering a collaborative environment across the site and increasing the visibility of nuclear-related careers in the workforce and community, particularly for women.

   Since its inception in 2015, SRS-WIN has inspired its members to develop leadership skills, network for professional development, and provide educational outreach to surrounding communities. SRS-WIN is an affiliate of U.S. WIN, which helps its members succeed in the nuclear industry, and provides networking opportunities and organized association to inform the public about nuclear energy and technologies.

   SRS-WIN recently installed a new president and several new board members and intends to expand its reach at SRS and in the community. The chapter’s leadership includes employees from the SRS management and operations contractor Savannah River Nuclear Solutions (SRNS), liquid waste contractor Savannah River Remediation, EM’s Savannah River National Laboratory, and the Mixed Oxide Fuel Fabrication Facility. 

The group is working to offer its members more opportunities to get involved in the community and develop themselves professionally, according to Kela Lofton, SRS-WIN president and SRNS F Area facility manager. 

“We’ve experienced a large growth in membership over the last several years and that tells me we are filling a need that was previously untapped,” Lofton said. “I’m excited to lead SRS-WIN and help integrate the diverse group of Savannah River Site employees who aspire toward the same goals — benefits of nuclear science and technology, environmental stewardship, clean energy, and national security.” 

Jennifer Nelson, SRS-WIN Steering Committee member and DOE acting manager for Mission Support, said the chapter creates an outlet for SRS workers to encourage each other and stay engaged.  

“When we come together through unique organizations such as SRS-WIN, we’re able to share valuable insight and visions that otherwise would not be realized, and it is making a difference in the workplace,” Nelson said. 

SRS-WIN holds social networking events for members to connect with leadership, peers, and mentors.

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